Phone Line Monitoring

Digital Phone Line Monitoring

Old telephone

Digital alarm monitoring basically means connecting your security system’s communicator to your existing telephone line and the alarm signals are sent to our central monitoring station using that phone line. Your telephone service could be the old standard (PSTN) telephone service or the newer digital service offered by cable companies.

Either method works well and uses some form of exterior wire or cable connection to your business, whether from the phone company or an internet provider.

The pros of using phone line technology to monitor your security system is mostly cost. If you already have and need a phone line or digital phone service for your business then using this existing line to communicate will probably save you about $10 a month off your security monitoring cost.

The downside to using hardwired phone lines to send alarm signals is two fold. First, it is less secure than using a wireless cellular communicator. There are wires that a burglar can cut. Once that happens, you system won’t communicate with the central monitoring center. We recommend using cellular monitoring as your primary source for security monitoring. At the very least, we recommend attaching a cellular backup communicator if you choose phone line monitoring as your primary communicator source.

The second downside to consider is that using your phone line to communicate restricts the options you have available with today’s feature rich security systems. These features include interactive functions like remote access and control of your security system using any web based device. This can’t be done over your phone line. Another feature that uses cellular technology instead of old phone line technology is live and recorded video streaming with remote access to view and control your video images from any web based device.

The decision to use phone line monitoring or cellular monitoring is personal and needs based. What level of security do you need? Do you need video or remote access control? How much do you want to spend a month on your security alarm monitoring?

The good news is that we have affordable solutions regardless which level of security you need.