Cellular Alarm Monitoring

24/7 Alarm Monitoring Without a Land Line

This is the most reliable and secure method of communicating alarm signals available today. No concern with cut phone or internet lines or an off line modem to interrupt communication. Cellular is always on and virtually burglar proof!

For burglars, it is incredibly easy to cut your phone line. Disconnecting a phone line is as easy as getting to your telephone connection box attached to your business. If your security system communicates over a basic telephone land line, cutting the phone land line cuts off all communication and the monitoring station will not be able to receive any signals. Cellular Monitoring Service eliminates this threat, because it is wireless and tamper proof.

Our cellular signals communicate over a secure network and are encrypted for additional security making your system virtually impossible for anyone to disable your connection. In an emergency, every second counts!

Technology to find the best signal path. 2G, 3G or 4G

Other companies charge extra to upgrade to cellular monitoring equipment.  Our advanced cellular equipment and monitoring service cost less than ADT & Brinks (now ADT) charge for less secure old equipment technology and old telephone line monitoring. See our price for cellular alarm monitoring. Compare and save!

There are a growing number of businesses that are choosing not to install traditional landline telephone service and instead are going digital or VOIP. Not all digital telephone lines work properly with security system communicators. Plus, even if your particular digital service does work with security systems, your service is delivered via a potentially vulnerable external cable to your business. With our Cellular Monitoring Service you can have complete 24/7 security monitoring regardless of what type of telephone service you may have. Even if you have a phone line, we recommend using our Cellular Monitoring Service.

22-seconds.jpg-Monitronics is one of the largest independently owned security companies in the U.S. and is the industry leader in Two-Way Interactive Audio Verification monitoring. Monitronics has been honored by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held security companies in the country, achieving Inc. 500 status for a record seven consecutive years.

We are a Monitronics® Authorized Dealer for the Denver Metro Area In Colorado. We provide reliable security solutions for your business. We are in partnership with the industry leader who has the highest customer retention. Monitronics Security has over 700,000 customers and is Headquartered in Dallas, Texas.